Better documentation for Job System

I knew lots of company/people(including me) already using job system for years and had some great result by using C# Job System and Burst along. But I found that the job package's document are extremely lacking.

For example : this is the latest job package manual, which is near empty. And the ScriptReference site only introduce 3 types of IJobs, while I understand that the job package are tag as preview so it make sense that most api are not introduce in script reference site. But I do wish the job pacakge page can be more informative.

You're not wrong. What type of information would you like it to provide? I'm assuming you think a reference (rather than tutorial, say) would be more useful.

Well, for instance, right now there's other jobs like IJobParallelForDefer, IJobParallelForBatch, and IJobParallelForFilter.
Which are all useful in their own. But each of them has it's own special behavior. like ForDefer required the passed array as AsDeferredJobArray. ForFilter looks like it can perform checking in parallel. But it can't. It just kick to a single wokerthread. It's those little thing I hope at least can write down on document so we can save sometime.

For now. I usually headback to jacksondunstan's blog to dig some job-related reference and use vscode to check the job package code directly.

I can find most of my question via online searching. But I think it's pretty sparse on the internet/forum right now?
To have a place (like the package manual) write all these down would be great.

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