Better import 2 assets or duplicate in unity?

Hi all :slight_smile: Very newbye question…

I did a scene assembly in 3ds max so I have this house and every room have his own door, own window etc etc…

Is better to import only one window or door in unity and duplicate it in unity or can I import like 2 same models? Is it important for triange counts? ty

If you reuse the same door model on all your buildings in game then it will save you some geometry. Unity has no way of knowing two doors are the same if they are imported as parts of different models.

What I do is create an attachment node on the model for where the door goes, attach the for to it and move it til its in the right placem then delete the door before export but retina the attachment point.

Im doing this so doors can be replaced at runtime but it would also allow you to use a single door model.