Better way to create a large 2d Grid

Right now I want to create a large scale world using a 2d grid and tiles. This is my first idea which you would be able to create different areas and then each area will be layed out to form the large world. The only thing I cant figure out is if there’s an easier way to handle the area layouts.

Here’s the example code I want to use to handle storing the world. Problem is that I will have to edit a list of ints instead of having a nice layout for each such as


Because editing in the inspector will look like


ect. for each area.

class area {

	var areaName : String;
	var areaGrid : int[];

var world : area[];

If you want to create a large 2D grid of integers, but don’t have very complex needs, one way would be to use a spreedsheet program.

Excel (Microsoft Office), Calc (OpenOffice) or Numbers (for Mac) will all allow you to edit a spreadsheet with full copy/paste support and then export to CSV.

Comma Separated Values (CSV) are plain text files with one row per line, and commas separating each cell.

This means that you could edit like this:

alt text

And then export to this: