Beyblade-ish Enemy AI Help

Not exactly beyblades but like two balls one controlled by player another by computer or even more than one trying to throw each other out of the stadium. Can’t get to know where to start … Thankx

You will need the A.I to know several things to make it work properly, although I'm only coming up with these things in my head now and hope you can develop them further.

Your A.I needs to know: (I am assuming you have a circular stadium, if not you have to do some A.I way-point system or another path-finding solution) - Center position of the stadium - Radius of the stadium - Target transform (the player) to 'attack'

Using those, you want it to have two things to do. 1. Go towards the player 2. Stay away from the edge of the stadium, and be as close as possible to the center.

This is your basic A.I. From here you can develop things like checking player and self velocity to try dodge player attacks.

To make things fun, give the player and A.I a different physic material (under box, sphere or capsule collider) like bouncy.

Good luck!