Bi-Weekly Webinars Starting Thursday, July 20

Welcome everyone to our AI Beta program! We are so excited to have you all here. We will host a bi-weekly webinar series starting this week on Thursday, July 20 at 11am ET and we want you to join. Every other week we will cover different topics and products, but generally, we will include:

  • Product overviews and discussions
  • Preview videos and demos
  • Upcoming features
  • Opportunities to share your projects
  • Q&A

Sign up here

Let us know if you have any feedback on the topics or issues signing up the webinar.


Hi everyone, we are excited to kickstart this bi-weekly series, meet you all, and have interesting conversations around our various products and topics. I’ll be your host during these sessions, so feel free to share your feedback on the topics, or let us know if you have any issue signing up for the webinar! See you on Thursday!

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@Sentis-closed-beta-users just a final reminder about our webinar starting in a few hours. We would love to see you :slight_smile:


Will the recordings becomes available?

Thanks to everyone who attended today. Sorry, I misspoke earlier. The recording can’t be shared, but we will continue to share information in our next webinar in 2 weeks, and every bi-weekly webinar thereafter. We’ll drop the link for the next webinar soon!

Anyone who wishes to speak directly with our team in a 1:1 discussion about your use case, a demo, some help, or any other needs you have, please book a time here:

Hi @Sentis-closed-beta-users , as promised here is a webinar signup link for our ongoing bi-weekly series, with the next one being on Thursday, August 3 at 11am ET. In this upcoming webinar, we will also reserve a little time for anyone who wants to share their experience in the beta or what you are working on.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!


@Sentis-closed-beta-users quick reminder for our 2nd webinar tomorrow. Signup here for the event series going forward! See you soon.

@Sentis-closed-beta-users friendly reminder that we are hosting our 3rd biweekly webinar tomorrow, Thursday 17th of August. This is our AI webinar series where you can ask questions and hear updates from the teams!

→ Make sure to sign up here and we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


:frowning: Was the webinar recorded? Do you mind share it here in the group? Unfortunately I was not able to watch…:frowning:

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Hi there, we are determining if we can send out the recording, we will let you know :slight_smile:


i got the same message from muse, to which i joined the zoom meeting but didnt get the details email… for which I posted on the discussion there, and emailed the bit on the zoom invite, and i heard nothing.

Still havent

I think it was mentioned in Oct 26 webinar that they were ended for the rest of the year.