Big circular shadow on the scene [problem]

Hi guys!

I seem to have a problem with my directional light (or with the quality setting itself). There is this huge circular shadow when I enable either of the hard and soft shadows. I tried to figure what it is. When I zoom into the scene the shadow grows, while zooming out, it diminishes until it’s gone. Then I discovered that when I increase the shadow distance (under Quality Settings/Shadows), it increases as well. I think it’s the circular area of the shadow distance. What do you guys think?

BTW, this QUESTION is similar to mine but I have no idea how he/she solved it.


If you observe closely the image, there’s this dark halo-like shadow…

Hi i have seen your question in my post.
Solution is simple look for quality settings (edit->project settings or rendering) look for quality shadow in your enviroment. when i raise it to fantastic, circle shadow disappear…at low level it is another time in rendering.

Hi there!
I have the same problem, it is quite a headache…
For me, changing the shader of the material fixed it,
so it has to do something with shaders.