Big problem (or bug) in my unity, how to fix it?,


i have a big problem with my unity. i dont know why…

and i dont know its a bug or problem or…

i have two assets. for example named v1 and named v2.

assets v1 is fine and run without problems.

assets v2 can run. but not fine.

when i run the game in unity, ((assets v2)) this problem or bug is comming up !!


this picture is not for me. my problem is like this picture.

after this problem, unity crashed !!

i dont have this problem with other assets or other games or other programs or…

just in unity and this assets.

what is problem?
its a bug?
how to fix this?



Thanks for answer.

This asset is a pack fps game with some scenes … mainmenu…game scene… and more. When i try to open this asset game scene… this problem comming up… what is problem and how can i fix it?

Unity version: 2017.4.10

i changed my unity version to 2017.4.8 and its works a little.

i founded a problem and i tell it into a next topic

thanks for helps…