Big size after export from Xcode

Somebody could me explain whats going on and help me in this case. When I create app in Unity for testing, Editor log shows me 42 MB at 100 %. But when I hit “Build and run” in Unity-, usage app on my idevice storage shows 135 MB (42 MB vs 135 MB). I was looking for information about that in internet but I couldnt find how to fix that and what is the problem. I tried modify setting in Player Setting in Unity - like change iOS version, mesh optimizer but nothing works. Whats going on? How to check REAL ipa file and project size? Does Unity lie?

Sorry but not much help - I have a similar problem, did you find a solution? My app is about 25mb in the log but 150+ on the device. Using the Vuforia AR plugin but otherwise simple 3D meshes and textures (no sound or video).