big terrain performance && mobile

Hi guys
I want to make an open world game… So I need to do a very huge map!
I know that if a make a big terrain, Unity loads it all killing my RAM :smiley:
Is splitting terrain in smaller terrains a good solution to solve the problem?
How can i do it simply? Are there other methods to increase performance using a very very very very huge terrain?

Another thing… I’m doing this game for Android/IOS…
Do you suggest me to buy terrain4mobile or something similar to do my map?
Now I’m using the default terrain object and it works great… Does t4m increase a lot the performance?

thanks :slight_smile:

Use multiple terrains it has the advantage of disabling terrains that are not in the cameras view. Even a simple script that disables terrains that are a certain distance away.

public GameObject TerrainRef;

void Start () {

void Methodname () {
 //write a simple distance method

If you want me to write you a proper script just let me know(little busy atm). USE MULTIPLE!