Is there something like BigInteger/BigRational for Unity (indie)? To be used with c# code.

I want to create a randomly generated space world, and even though double/decimal would be plenty of range, it would be nice that it could actually be infite.


I made a simple class to do math with numbers in string format, it may be a strange alternative to BigInteger, but it works for me.

if you want to use it, simply copy the cs file to your assets folder, and use it this way:

string a = "999999999999999999999";
string b = "8888888888888888888888;"
string c;
c = StringMath.Add(a,b) // c = a+b
c = StringMath.Sub(a,b) // c = a-b
c = StringMath.Mult(a,b) // c = a*b
c = StringMath.Dev(a,b) // c = a/b