Bike/Motobike game

Hi guys, so, I’m a begginer in programming and I am trying to make a bike game.
At first, the colliders, what kind of colliders should I use ? Wheel collider or just the regular cylinder collider ?
Then the basic movement, should it have a ridgidbody or custum gravity ?
although i am using the ridgidbody (with the wheel collider) it haves several problems:
*The bike is falling all the time.
*When i use constrains the bike can’t rotate in a specific axis(and it’s a world axis).
*Bike always sticks to the ground and the gameplay feels so jaggy and unsmooth plus when the bike reaches a hill, it doesn’t jump, it sticks to the ground.
Thanks for your time.

The right answer is to add a force to the bike (rigidbody.addForce() it’s worth noting that you should limit it by restricting the rigidbody.velocity to a constant value if it reaches a certain speed) instead of translating it.
It’s late I know :stuck_out_tongue: