Billboard Particles Orienting to User in VR

Hey all,

Just a quick question for anyone who has worked with particles in VR - I noticed that most of my billboard particles are orienting towards my user’s VR view when in VR but it looks alright in the Editor.

Any suggestions on how to fix or address this issue or are volumetric particles the only way to go (i.e. we have to redo the particles from scratch)?

Thanks in advance!

Can you explain what you mean by “look alright in the Editor” ? Did you test both “eyes” in the editor?

A billboard sprite by definition will always be facing the Camera. In VR, the user and camera are effectively the same thing (though technically I guess there are two cameras, one for each eye?) Can you explain what you are seeing?

What version of Unity are you using? There was a bug before 5.4.