Billboard system

I have create a billboard system, and I would like to get any improvements, because when I instantiate it it takes 5000-10000ms for the UpdateBillboard function, this script is attached to every gameobject, is there a way to do this in a shader instead, which should give better performance right?
NOTE: You manually assign quad and tree through the inspector and the billboard is generated by another script at runtime (Once for each tree type, so only 1-10 times or so)

    public BillboardClass tree;
    public float BillboardDistance = 250.0f;
    private Renderer render;
    private Renderer QuadRenderer;
    private Collider col;

    public class BillboardClass
        public GameObject tree;
        public Texture2D billboard;
        public GameObject Quad;
        public Mesh mesh; 
        public Vector3 Scale;

        public void UpdateSize()
            mesh = new Mesh();
            mesh = Quad.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().sharedMesh;
            Bounds bb = tree.GetComponent<Renderer>().bounds; 
            Scale = new Vector3(bb.max.x - bb.min.x, bb.max.y - bb.min.y, 1);

    void CreateQuad()
        GameObject Quad = GameObject.Instantiate(tree.Quad); //Create quad (Used to display billboard)
        Quad.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh = tree.mesh; //Assign the custom sized mesh to it.
        Quad.transform.parent = transform; //Make parent of the tree
        Quad.transform.localPosition =; //Reset position
        Quad.transform.localScale = tree.Scale;

        QuadRenderer = Quad.GetComponent<Renderer>(); //Cache the renderer for the update function
        QuadRenderer.material.mainTexture = tree.billboard;
        QuadRenderer.enabled = false;

    void Start()
        render = GetComponent<Renderer>();
        col = GetComponent<Collider>();


        InvokeRepeating("UpdateBillboard", UnityEngine.Random.Range(0.0f,1.0f), 1.0f);

    Transform target;
    bool ShowTree;

    void UpdateBillboard()
        if (target == null)
            if (Camera.main != null)
                target = Camera.main.transform;
        ShowTree = false;
        if (Vector3.Distance(transform.position, target.position) < BillboardDistance)
            ShowTree = true;
        QuadRenderer.enabled = !ShowTree;
        render.enabled = ShowTree;
        col.enabled = ShowTree; //Should I disable the collider or not

Hi, you’re instantiating a gameObject just to get its bounds, seems like an overkill to me.

Try to break down your code with Profiler.BeginSample()/Profiler.EndSample() to find what parts are costing you so much and figure a way to get rid of or go arround them !

Good luck :slight_smile: