Billboard Trees Overlapped

I have done plenty of research on this question, and it seems nobody has been able to find an answer thus far (or at least they haven’t posted one).

My billboarded trees are being overlapped (covered up) by a particle system that’s way off in the distance. Once the trees become 3D game objects, it works fine. I cannot seem to figure out how to prevent this overlap from happening! I assume there’s a way to solve this probelem using layers, but I have NOT figured out a solution yet. If anybody could provide some suggestions, I would really really appreciate it!! Thank you!

Billboards don’t take the depth buffer in account, they are drawn in the order defined by its renderQueue parameter. You can put the particles behind the trees assigning this script to the particle system object:

function Start(){

It seems tree billboards renderQueue is 2900, thus any value below it will be drawn first (which makes it appear after them).

You may still experience problems if the camera looks to this scene from BEHIND the particles: since they now are draw first, the tree billboards will cover them. The solution in this case is to set renderQueue in the Update function to different values depending on which billboards must appear in front of each other.

It sounds like your billboarded trees aren’t writing anything to the depth buffer when they are being drawn.