Billboarded Trees not lit?

I was testing lighting and day/night cycles, and I found that the trees in my scene (very far away, billboards) aren’t affected by light. Here’s what it looks like during the day:33087-daytimelighting.png

…And here’s what it looks like at night:

As you can see, the trees aren’t affected by light. They have all the correct shaders, (Nature/TreeSoftOcclusionLeaves, Nature/TreeSoftOcclusionBack). I have a rotating directional light in the scene, and changing fog and ambient light. Any Ideas?

Hope this issue is resolved. For those reading the topic: Underlighting (best name I can think of for it) occurs when a high-intensity or close-range light is under a terrain or plane. To remedy this, back your light away from the terrain or plane, and increase the “Range” parameter on the “Light” component itself.

As for the outlines here, I’m guessing it’s something to do with the way that billboards work (reducing the quality is part of that process). To remedy this, I’m guessing you would increase your detail distance in your terrain script under the gear tab.