Billboarding a ball

Hi. I’m working on a pinball. I wish to billboard the ball in order to get a sprite shown above the ball.
Always every post of billboarding recommend using a plane and the lookAt camera command.
But what bout a ball, where the object rotates an moves in a lot of directios? How to attach a billboard image to it?

Keep investigating…
Look at the weird movement the sprite is doing when I attached the following script to it (VIDEO below):

Quaternion rotation;
Vector3 position;

void Awake(){
rotation = transform.rotation;
position = transform.position;

void LateUpdate(){
transform.rotation = rotation;
Vector3 newpos = transform.position;
newpos.y = position.y + 0.63f;
transform.position = newpos;	

The sprite is a child object of the ball.

How can I manage the sprite to stay on the ball?