Bind and distinguish 2 equals joysticks new input system

I am making a Pad Dance Game. I have 2 pad dances, they works like a joystick on Pc, they almost have the same number/button sequence(because they are not from the same company). The problem is when I click one pad and the other has the same gamepad number the action works in both player. I need the input system to distinguish if I am pressing the same number button from joystisck one or two. The image below shows how the input system detect the binding for the up arrow icon on the pad 1(“botao1”) and 2(“botao11”), there is no difference if I am pressing joystick one or two. I tried to create 2 differents Action Map, didn’t work, because the biding system don’t recognize if am pressing joystick one or two. Any clues? Tks in advance

A kind of solution