Bind Keypad keys in Editor's input manager.

What’s the proper keycode to use for the keypad keys?

I am trying to bind some default keys for the keypad in the Editor’s Input Manager(not the start of game input manager) but nothing I’ve tried seems to work. The text field returns to blank after I hit enter.

The documentation didn’t seem to help. Every name they called the keys didn’t work. Other keys bind fine, just not the keypad ones.

Names I’ve tried:
keypad4 (all camelCase spelling variants)
keypad 4 (all camelCase spelling variants)
numeric keypad 4 (all camelCase spelling variants)

Got the answer from twitter. I’ll post it here in case anyone else has this issue.

[0] - [9], [/], - , [-], [+], - , enter, numlock

Also if numlock is off these will fire instead.
insert, delete, end, home, page up, page down, left, right, up, down

Apparently, it’s on this page:
and didn’t see it. Was looking at the InputManager scripting reference instead. Ah well…