Bitmap images quality

I want to make card-like game objects for my game. Like playing cards. I have a game object with two quads as children. Each quad has a material that is a bitmap, one is the front and the other one is the back of the card. The images are much bigger than the Game Object and Quad it is attached on, still they dont look good, they look very blurry. When the card is rotated on the Y axis it becomes blurry. Is there some thing i am not aware of when working with bitmap images in a unity game? Im using JPG.

Check your import settings. Maybe adjust aniso levels. Parenting may cause distortions when you rotate. Maybe try using:


you can alternatively use transform.RotateAround()

When you import your textures there are few things you should do.First check for the max size.Make sure that it is at least as big as your texture image size.And second of all the important thing is the format.Make sure that you change it to True Colors.