Bizzarre Vertex Snapping behaviour?

Hi When I drag a simple prefab in to my scene, vertex snapping will not work on it, the move tool will just stay in its original position as I hold v and move over vertices. The only way to fix it is to create a new object, say a cube, do a random vertex snap operation with this, and then my original object magically responds, even though nothing changed. This is repeatable with a new project and any prefab (e.g. if I just make a prefab from a cube, it too will then fail to respond to 'v' until any other vertex snapping is done.)

Is this a known bug, or is there a quicker workaround?

Unity 3.1 OSX 10.6



From aNTeNNa trEE in the main forums: Yes, this is a known bug. The quickest workaround at the moment is to drag the Prefab in and then drag the middle of the Transform Gizmo. This will then make it responsive to vertex snapping.

I noticed that vertex snapping is not working very well in ISOMETRIC view. As soon as I switch to perspective view, it's working properly. As FourSheds said, drag the center of the gizmo BUT if it is a prefab with child objects, You have to select the child objects too.