Black lines artifacts when rotating the camera with attitude sensor

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on an Android project but I’m having some troubles figuring out what is causing these weird black lines on my screen.

I’m using the new input system Tracked Pose Driver which reads the attitude sensor of the device and rotates the camera accordingly.
These lines are sometimes stationary and other times move rapidly across, and it seems to happen more or less depending on the rotation of the device (looking down seems to trigger it more).
I thought about some screen tearing but VSync options aren’t considered in Android so I don’t know how would I fix it. Removing the gyroscope functionalities and letting the player move around using only the on-screen sticks doesn’t seems to produce these artifacts.

Let me know if more info are needed, thanks in advance.

I did what @Bunny83 suggested in the comments and it actually worked!

According to the camera depth documentation page (Unity - Manual: Cameras and depth textures):

Precision is usually 32 or 16 bits, depending on configuration and platform used.

Being on android, it probably used 16 bits which wasn’t enough for the clipping range I had before.
Thank you so much!