Black screen after locking and unlocking screen (Android)

Background: I have a very simple scene I am using to put together my touch interface. It basically consists of a camera and three objects in the scene, with my touch scripts attached to an empty game object (named Input). The scripts then modify the Camera.main.transform and dynamically create game objects when the user interacts, for example drawing a temporary sprite when the screen is tapped. I am a free user, I do not have Unity Pro.

Problem: I launch the app and everything runs great. When I press the power button to lock the screen, then press it again and unlock the screen, I still have the color of background I picked for the scene (I think that means the screen is being cleared?) but all of my objects are gone. Tapping the screen does not initiate any of the behavior that I have scripted.

Additional Info:

I tried to add a GUI.Label to track the camera position and rotation, thinking that my touch code was doing something odd on the unlock (like repositioning the camera so that none of my objects can be seen). It works great before the lock/unlock. However, the GUI.Label does not get rendered after the unlock either.

I have Cyanogenmod with 4.4 on my phone, I was concerned that it might be the cause of the trouble. So I connected my wife’s fairly new LG G2 (completely stock, not rooted) and it behaves in the exact same way.

After doing a lot of digging on Google I didn’t come up with much. This person had the same issue but no answer. Other people had black screens but with different behavior, like this or this (I am building with 32-bit display buffer).

I am fairly new to Unity and Android development in general. Can someone suggest what might be wrong (since I suspect it is something with the engine), or ways in which I can learn to troubleshoot it? I tried digging in with logcat, but being my first time in there the log is pretty… intense. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for in the logcat, any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

Turns out there must have been a bug in Unity. I had recently updated it and was at version 4.5.2f3. Just now I went through the help menu which claimed it was up to date, but checking the website shows the latest release is 4.5.3f3. After I updated Unity, I used Build & Run and my problem is now fixed.