Black Screen after splash screen (android)

Hello Guys

I am working on a game which is nearly complete.I am facing a problem on android devices though.
when I start the app the splash screen appears for 3 sec i think , after that instead of displaying the main menu of the game the screens goes black for about 3-4 sec and then the menu appears.

Although This Question was asked once before too ,but there was no accepted answer of that question.

Please Help.

If you instantiate a lot of object or things during the Awake/Start function so it’s normal.

To avoid this and if you have pro licence you can use a tiny scene at the beginning to display an image (for example) then load your menu behind with “Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync”.

The Splashscreen is here to do this (hide the first loading scene). But if you instantiate the object the splashscreen won’t work cause the splashscreen stay only during scene instantiation without considered all the object instantiated by script.

Hope this help.