Black screen after splash screen for few seconds

Hello everyone,

I am making quite a huge game for a while, but until this week I have not encountered this problem. After the splash screen there is an interval about 5 - 20 seconds, where the screen is just black and nothing happens. Only after that, the main scene starts. This happens on Android build as well as on .exe version.

Do you have any piece of advice?

I am using Unity 5.6.1f1 (cannot use the newest version because of some assets that I need…)

Seems to be a loading screen, if your scene is heavy, it takes time to load and you do not notice it in editor because objects are already loaded. But it does sounds weird if you wanna run that on android XD. Normally there are load levelsasync functions to display a loading screen whenever it is the problem.

But if that is the case the editor take also that time to load on opening.

Except that, I do not see.