Black Screen After Splash Screen IOS

Hi All

I’m currently trying to get my game running on my phone for testing, I have built it in debug with the development mode checked.

Once I build it in xCode and open it on my phone I get the Unity splash screen, then it all goes black and at the bottom it says “Development build”, however my first scene never loads.


I have been testing further and it seems as though the Game actually loads and doesn’t crash out! i was pressing about on the phone where buttons and text boxes were and i could see activity in the OUTPUT in xcodes also a keyboard popped up and closed while I was doing this.

Does anyone have any Ideas What could cause this?

I am having a similar issue, where it shows the splash screen then loads the default unity scene on the device build, and black screen on the simulator build, please help

I think it is related to not having a setting under the camera’s “Rendering” settings, called “Stop NaN”. If you check this and build again, this problem should go away.

Just in case, I have also checked the “Dithering” option, also under “Rendering”.

Hope this helps someone out there.