Black screen android phone


Black screen problem in andoroid phone.

Used phone is
Samsung Galaxy GT-S7580 Trend Plus (Adroid version:4.2.2)
I try download and run simple application / game in Android phone. But when application is build,loaded and run. Phone screen is black…

I use latest unit version 2017 .1.0f3 Personal

And The following settings I’ve tried but the result is always the same

What I can do next ?? Application works in PC-Windows environment.

What does the logcat give you (Android studio monitor), usually helps to figure out the problems.
Android 4.4 is quite old though.

Thank you for the quick reply.
That’s logi. →

Show that there is a lot of errors in the log. e.g …

E/Unity (10910): GLSL: unsupported array parameter ‘unity_WorldToShadow’

E/Unity (10910):