Black screen between splash image and first scene on iOS

I’m using Unity Pro 5.4.4, and trying to build iOS version.(iOS 10)
I’ve set ‘Show Unity Splash Screen’ to off, and ‘iPhone Launch Screen’ to ‘Image and Background (relative size)’. And did not set the Legacy Launch Images.

But there’s a short black screen time between the Launch image and First Scene.
(Launch image → black screen → first scene)
When I checked the ‘Show Unity Splash Screen’ to On (without setting launch screen), there’s no screen between the Unity Splash Screen and the first scene.
(black screen → unity splash image → first scene)

I think Unity inserted the splash image into the scene on iOS.

I want to make it seamless (from launch image to first scene).
(On my Android version, it’s working fine)

Am i doing something wrong? Can anybody help me?

Hi buddy, I had this problem until I uncheck the anti-aliasing option in qualuty settings. I hope it helps! Cheers,

I met the same problem. disable anti-aliasing in quality setting doesn’t help me. I found if I selected using slash image and check ‘Show Unity Logo’, Unity logo will show after slash image and then my scene will come. If I unchecked ‘Show Unity Logo’, Logo will not show but there will be a several seconds black screen there. So I guess it is caused by something related the logo display.
Any one can help? Thanks.

Runnning into the same issue. Disabling Anti-aliasing isn’t helping either. The splash screen displays, then its just a black screen. The game runs fine in the editor. Any other ideas?