BLACK SCREEN in AVD (Android Virtual Device) after starting the Build.

Friends, someone has managed to turn the ADV (Android Virtual Device) in Unity? My ADV is configured correctly. But when I start the build and install the game on Vistual device the screen is black. Installs but does not start the game the screen is all black.

Happened to anyone else?

THANKS TO ALL who help!

In my personal experience, i recommend to use real Android device. I have launched my games In virtual device, but it worked veeeeeeeeeeeery slow.

I had the same problem but I’ve sloved it by : -Open my project location, my project named “RunningBall” and I placed it in “D:\UnityDocument\Running Ball”. -Delete these following file and folder inside my project: +Library. +Assembly-CSharp.csproj. +Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.csproj. +Assembly-CSharp-firstpass-vs.csproj +Assembly-CSharp-vs.csproj. +Assembly-UnityScript.unityproj. +Assembly-UnityScript-vs.unityproj. +Running Ball.sln. +Running Ball-csharp.sln. and some time you have to delete some file inside the Project Setting folder like “GraphicsSettings.asset”

Hello everyone, there could be two reasons for this issue.

The first one is that you have selected the “OpenGL ES 3.0” graphics level in the player settings. OpenGL ES 3.0 must be supported by the device or else it will not work - a hardware and software support is required. OpenGL ES 3.0 support was officially added with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, so if a device has previous Android version, or it was released a long time ago before the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update was released, OpenGL ES 3.0 will not work (there are a few exceptions). You can see this bug report as well: Unity Issue Tracker - OpengGL ES 3.0 applications does not run on old devices

Another reason could be that you have enabled the “Multithreaded Rendering” in the player settings. So far we are aware of only one device where this happens: Unity Issue Tracker - Application freezes on the Kindle Fire (first generation)
If your issue is caused by the multithreaded rendering, please submit a bug report, provide a project which would allow us to reproduce the issue and also specify device names with Android versions where you are able to reproduce this issue.
Before reporting the bug, make sure you are using the latest available Unity version and that the issue is still reproducible with it. As always the latest version can be downloaded here: