Black Screen only in Android build

So basically everytime I try to run the application using an emulator I only get a black screen, I don’t even get the “made with unity” splash logo thingy. I’ve searched everywhere and everyone mostly says to have smaller textures but I don’t have any since the game I’m building uses camera. it works great in the game/play mode in Unity. I’ve also already checked that my scene is selected in the build menu and moved my files into a new project but nothing is working for me. I’ve tested by installing the .apk-file to an Android emulator AND my sony xperia phone (which is running android 8.0.0). Any and all help is appreciated!

Kinda solved, turns out it just took 30 seconds to open and I was too impatient to wait for that. Still, no unity logo on startup even though there should be one and 30 seconds is way too long to wait for a small app to open. I guess I’ll have to optimize it better but for everyone in the future: wait until you see something lol.