Black screen upon build launch

I’m building a simple Roll a Ball game, I made a build of just the level worked fine. I made a main menu screen, put that together with the level then made a build of it. It works fine in the editor, and it did work on my computer. I went to test the game I made on three different computers and all I got was a black screen. I have not been able to test this on my computer yet. Any help will be appreciated.

oh and I’m using Unity 5.5 if that helps

HI @ChillChris,

There are few possible issue

  1. Lighting is not working on build. please check Lighting Model (VertexLit, ForwardBase, ForwardAdd)
  2. Some time camera can also cause the issue, I suggest to check Camera depth (99% that not be issue cos as you can view and play game in editor mode)
  3. Wrong Launch scene setup in Build Scene as you can play it in editor there Scene sequence of from Build Setting not effect. ensure your scene with menu screen is the on “0” Position.

Check this: