Black screen while launching editor on Mac (high sierra)

Hello All,

This is an issue with too little or almost no useful posts I found online, specially for mac.


First I installed uniy 5.6.2 , faced this issue, unistalled and then installed Unity 5.5.1 and still the same.

MacOS is High Sierra version 10.13.1 but I think its irrelevant of the version.

Can’t give more details since on double clicking the Unity Icon , a black screen is shown and stuck here!

Anyone faced such an issue?

As @moghes has written you need to edit your ~/Library/Unity/Packages/ folder. What you can do that should solve the issue is to get the Package folder from someone that has a working Unity and just take that one.

  • So replace your Package folder with a Package folder that you know works.

It even works from PC to Mac since that is what we did.

When I had this issue in the past, it was an asset package I had downloaded that became obsolete and was causing editor render issues. ProBuilder was the culprit for me. Just had to update delete the package in /Library/Unity/Packages/ folder then reinstalled after.