Black spots appearing on asset / texture

Hello all,

I am having an issue with black spots (as per photo). Currently, when you walk up to these windows at a certain angle and distance, all of these random black spots begin appearing around the windows.

I have disabled all lightmaps, toggled all sorts of potential light sources that may cause this issue, disabled shadows, but still no avail.

Does anybody happen to have any idea what may be causing this? These assets were imported via Blender (if that helps troubleshoot).

Currently using Unity 2021.1.16f1


Stan. T

After spending a bit of time with the trial and error process, I narrowed the potential cause to the character’s camera. My clipping planes (Near and Far) were 0.01 and 100, respectively. After slightly increasing the NEAR clipping plane to 0.1, the problem was fixed.

All worked out well! :slight_smile:


Stan. T