Black sprites on Android device

Hi to all,
I have a very annoying issue on some Android devices while rendering 2d sprites.

Sometimes, in a completely random way, sprites are rendered on screen as black boxes (please see the attached image). If i reload close and open the scene again, sprites may be rendered as intended, or other sprites than before could be affected from the same issue, while the previous ones don’t. As i said, it is completely unpredictable. Logcat doesn’t help as well.

I use Unity 2018.2 and I tried many of the workarounds suggested from the community in the past, without any success:
-Reimport all;
-Enable/Disable Mipmaps;
-Enable/Disable texture compression.

I use Texture Packer with a maximum atlas size of 2048x2048. My QualitySettings is set to Low, but I also tried other levels.

This issue is VERY annoying to me, so please if you have any advice feel free to share with me.
Thank you.

I also encountered this problem. have you solved it.