Black trees barks?

Hi! I’ve got a terrain with some trees on it. There’s no problem but when I Bake the scene the trees barks are very dark. When I clear the lightmaps, they are still dark. Please help.

[EDIT] I can use lights to illuminate barks.

OK. Problem solved.

TreeInstance contains a variable called ‘lightmap’ which is a type Color. Set this to something like Color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1.0);

Works now. And this answer trumps all others I have found up til now. My terrain trees are also generated by code, this was all I needed.

function genTrees()
		{	for (var c=0; c<4; c++)
			{	var tempTreeInstances:TreeInstance[] = new TreeInstance[100];
				var tempTerrain:Terrain =grid
    				for(var d=0; d<tempTreeInstances.length; d++)
    				{	tempTreeInstances[d].position=Vector3(0,0,0);
    			    tempTerrain.terrainData.SetHeights(0, 0, tempTerrain.terrainData.GetHeights(0,0,1,1));}}