Blackbar under my game after using setResolution

Hey guys,

in my game i have this drop down field with resolutions,

my game runs fine in 1920 x 1080 when i select that from the configurator.

but when i disable the configurator and i select the 1920x1080 option from the field, my game does what its supposed to do, but it has a huge blackbar at the bottom, and the mouse position is of.

i use this code to set to 1920x1080:

Screen.SetResolution (1920,1080, true);

and this is the blackbar i was talking about

the error you see is not related to this.

If anyone has an idea on how to fix, please tell, its kind of annoying me now.

thanks in advance,


You could try the solution in this answer, which suggest to wait until the end of the frame. Though it is a year old and may no longer be relevant.

Or triple check that your native resolution is actually what you feed it. Optionally, pass a preferred refresh rate.