Blank out the desktop?

Hi, Is it possible to blank out the desktop behind a Unity Window? ie. The application starts up in a 1024x768 window on a 1920x1080 native screen, instead of seeing the Desktop with icons behind, is it possible to have a single colour?

now this is a bit of a tricky question…

It all depends on what platform you are using, because i don’t know if there is this functionailty in unity…

if, for example, you are using windows, you would have to write a program that would start a program that goes fullscreen, and then runs your game over the top of this.

for example, with a batch file, you could do something like this:

@echo off

start blackoutdesktop.exe
start myunitygame.exe


you could save it something like: gamelauncher.bat

place that in the same folder as your unity exe file and then put the program that blacks out the desktop in there too.

you would have to write a program that fills the whole screen with blackness (you could actually try doing this with another unity game, just make the whole scene black, and then make that run in full screen…!).

Then you would run the launcher instead of clicking on your actual game.

You could also take that batch file and program in c++ so that you could also make it an exe too, but never mind if i am confusing you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

you could try and use the same sort of method, but for mac as well…
This is probs not the desired way to achieve this, but it’s all i can think of off the top of my head…

Comment back if you have any questions!!!

Hope i havn’t confused you, and that this may have helped…


Do you have Unity Pro?

If so, you can set your game to full screen, clear to whatever color you want every frame, then have a 1024x768 GUIContent in the center. Then you create a RenderTexture (requires Pro) and have all your content render into it. Then you set the RenderTexture’s texture to be the texture of your GUIContent. That’ll create the effect you want.