Blank result from build and run

I’ve created a scene with only an empty GameObject in the hierarchy, which has a script component that loads everything for the game. The game works fine by clicking the play button, but build and run just gives me a blank (ie blue) screen.
I’ve tried adding a cube to the scene at the area where the camera would be looking, but it appears to be a problem with the camera I created through the script.

Make sure that you’ve got the correct scene as ‘scene 0’ in your list of scenes to build. It doesn’t automatically add the one you are currently in- you have to do it manually.

Done that, it makes no difference.

It appears to be a problem loading / accessing the FBX character which then has the camera attached to it.

Alright, I have got it working now. It was a problem with script execution order. It works both in the game window and in build and run.