Blank scene, 2 sprites, 32 FPS


I have big problem. I’m using Unity 2019.3.5f1 with URP. I have blank scene with only 2 sprites (And canvas with FPS ounter) and I have only 22-36 FPS. I tested this scene on Samsung Galaxy S6, J5 and on Note 7. Result is the same.

Without sprites i have 60 FPS. When I add only 1 (no matter what sprite) sprite I have again 22-36 FPS.

Now I don’t know what to do.

Are you sure the problem is really caused by the sprites? Or is maybe something wrong with the FPS counter on your Canvas, what just appears, as soon as you have added sprites into the scene?

I think the FPS counter is Ok. I created this empty scene because I had problem with FPS in other scene with my game. I mainly tested my game in the editor and I wasn’t worried about the low FPS on Android because I said that one day I would do optimization. Unfortunately, it turned out that there are problems with it. After many hours, I decided to check if the problem with the frames also occurs on an empty scene.

EDIT: The game is made in 2D style. I’m using only sprites, particles and UI elements. Zero 3D objects