Blank Scenes Only on Windows

Hi all,

Four of the five Unity scenes in my project when opened show up with zero assets in the Hierarchy window (even though we did have assets there.) All assets are present in the Assets folder. Scene view is blank. The scenes appear empty on two different Windows computers, but I’m able to open the project on a friend’s macbook just fine / the assets do appear in all scenes.

I suspect something got corrupted using Dropbox, but I can’t explain why it’s still openable on a Mac computer and can’t figure out how to fix it on Windows. We tried creating a Unitypackage file on the macbook to start a new project from scratch on Windows (didn’t work) and also tried manually transferring the project via USB from the macbook to Windows (didn’t work).

Suggestions appreciated…

Maybe you installed an older version of unity on the other machine? This was my problem. Three of my scenes opened and the other 5 was blank…So i upgraded to latest version to match my laptop where i created them. Worked for me. so make sure your versions are identical. It took me a day to figure that out. Good luck. Hope this helps someone.