Blank Screen caused by camera

Im trying to make my camera follow my character, but I keep getting a blank screen if I start the game. why?


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CameraControl : MonoBehaviour {

public Transform Target;
public int x = 1;
public int y = 1;

void Update () {
transform.position = Target.position + new Vector3 (0,y,x);


Depends on how you set your scene.

Normally, cameras would see towards +Z, meaning that if you put your camera at the position of target.position + new Vector3(0,1,1), you wouldn’t be able to see the target as it is behind the camera.

Another possibility is that you did not set camera layers correctly and your character is being ignored.

And again, you could have made mistake where the new position for the camera is calculated : Target.position + new Vector3 (0,y,x);

Perhaps there are more than one camera and their depths are all set wrong.

With so many possibilities, you need to provide more information if above is not your case.