Blank White Screen whenever I open Unity (Windows 10)

Every time I try to open Unity I get this white screen, I cant see or interact with anything in my scene, nor can I see or interact with any of the menus such as heirchy, details panel, etc. the same thing happens whenever I try to Open RPGMaker MV, so I have a feeling this is hardware/driver/Windows related, but I cant quite seem to figure this out

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics driver
this seems to be what every single forum post on this subject I can find seems to say, I have an NVidia RTX 2060, and my build is less than a year old, I cant imagine its my hardware is incompatible with unity, but im open to suggestions. on the topic

I read somewhere to go to appdata/roaming and delete the unity folder, I tried that, no luck

heres a picture of what im talking about

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