Blend between two simple animations

I’ve done on a search on this and I can only find questions related to a character controller, and more specifically upper and lower body blending with run cycles and what not.

What I want to do is much more simple.

I have two sprite/object animations of a ball. A short throw, and a long throw.

alt text

What I want to do, is blend them together to create any distance inbetween based off of a value (1-0)

I ‘think’ I need to play with the animation["throw01].weight = ??? But after that, I’m not sure.

I’ve read up on this and it’s still a bit unclear. I was hoping someone could explain how this works more clearly.

if you ask me, the answer should be a mathematics solution, not animation solution.
something like this maybe: Moving an Object along a Bezier Curve - Unity Answers