Blend shape Animations looks diffrent in preview

I am facing a problem on my character facial animation. The facial animation (bones) along with the blend shape, works really good in the Inspector’s preview of the animation showing how the character’s face behaves.
Now, If I drag it into Animator, the same character moves just some bones and doesn’t move the blend shaped face, as in Inspector.
I am looking for help or insights, what I can do to work.

Thank you.

After hours, I just got an alternative, that can fix the problem, somewhat until a better solution arise.

1.Facial animation with bone data exported as FBX (ASCII)

2.Same facial animation exported with Blendshape data as FBX(ASCII).

3.Import them to Unity and, set the one with bone data as humanoid and
the other as generic.

4.Make 2 separate layers in Mecanim, one with bone facial expression and
one with the Morphs.

5.Set them with Humanoid Only head mask, and chose your target bones.

6.Set the layers on overwrite and adjust the heaviness as you wish, is
more aesthetic wise.

  1. Add magic, scripting, to sink both of them whenever you want your
    character to talk.

This little cheat is the best for everyone who are struggling with the same problem, until a ethical solution will arise.