blender 2.49b animations not working

Hi, I've created 2 animations in Blender & imported the .blend into my Unity package. It has recognised that there are 2 animations but when I run the game & view from the non-game window (my game is first person so I use that to see animation/projectiles) the character is not animating. Here is the inspector view:

With run selected along with play automatically it should carry out that animation without a script attached right? Any reason it wouldn't work right away?

I made the animations by creating 2 actions in Action Editor. There is one armature

Edit: I also unchecked the "animate only if visible" option to make sure...still didn't work.

function Update ()
    if (Input.GetButtonDown "w") {
       animation.CrossFade ("run");
      animation.CrossFade ("jump");

Try putting this on the same thing...

I do believe it should auto play, but it might be getting the two animations mixed up perhaps? I haven't done much with animations in Unity, so I can't fully say... but their is some code that should/might work...

Also, you can add two windows, a scene and a game, so that you can see the player animate in the scene view...

Might guide you...

Hope this helps =).