Blender 2.5x importation

I know that people have asked this before, and I know that Blender 2.5 files can't import automatically into Unity 3, but is there anyone even working on it? Will 2.5x eventually work with Unity 3? At what point can I expect that? I know that I can import by exporting blender files to fbx, but I've always liked the whole auto import thing.

Thanks for any word from Unity devs or anyone who has some info on this. And if you're going to complain about Blender being the beta stages, it really shouldn't be much of a hassle to program. I mean, they've worked out all of the major bugs, and the 2.5 base programming is going to stay the same for the most part, so what's preventing you? Just sayin'

you might want to test out the newer builds of Blender 2.5x available on

specifically look for builds NEWER than build #32057. I say this because the following UNITY SPECIFIC commit was very recently made!!! good stuff

committ#32057 bugfix [#23935] Exporting to Unity3d .fbx Blender 2.5

this could be the fix that allows for more fluid FBX exporting directly for Unity. Thanks to the Blender dev Campbell Barton for committing this fix.

If you don’t mind modifying one of the Python scripts, I was able to get Unity 3.3 to import Blender 2.57 .blend files directly. Hopefully the above will be a better long-term solution though.

Details on patching the Python script for .blend import: