Blender 2.8 animation not working in unity 2019.3.0a7

I made a simple rotation animation in blender 2.8 and then imported into Unity and set up an Animator controller and all that (I’ve done this before and double-checked it on YouTube as well). But when I pressed play nothing happened, so I checked the preview and the animation worked there. I have already tried all of the fixes on the other forms as well as trying older versions of blender, not sure if the problem is with unity or blender.
Any help would be greatly appreciated seen as I have already spent the good half of 3 days trying to fix it.

@AddisWeebb : Hi. I found a solution to this issue. In Unity, I had set the ‘Animation Type’ in the ‘Rig’ as Humanoid and it was not working but after changing the Animation Type to Generic it started working for me. See if it works for you too