Blender 3d to unity windows

How do I make windows in a building in blender? and then export it to unity?
I left spaces in the wall of the building in blender where I want to windows to go.
Would the best idea be to make windows like the glass in Minecraft? (only have sides, and the rest be fully transparent)

To make the windows you could either make them like Minecraft windows like you said, or just make a semi-transparent cube, resize it and position it in the place where the window would be. It would depend on how you want the windows to look and behave. To export the model into unity, go to file->export in blender and export it as a .obj, and put the .obj file in the assets folder of your unity project.

As long as the windows are a seperate mesh, you can just create a transparent material and simply apply it to the window mesh. See the awesome reference for more information here.

That page is sick; I use it all the time.