Blender adds an 'Armature' GameObject as the parent of the original rig when I edit the mesh and export FBX back into Unity

I’m using Unity 2018.2.0f2 and I have a model from Adobe Mixamo and I am trying to edit the mesh in Blender and re export the model as an FBX back into Unity. The problem is that Blender adds a GameObject called “Armature” as the parent of the original rig. This creates a problem because when I want to use the same animations from the original FBX, it does not work because the extra GameObject in the new FBX is not there in the old FBX. If I drag the new FBX into the scene, remove the original rig from the “Armature” GameObject and delete the unnecessary “Armature” GameObject, the animation works perfectly fine (with the FBX dragged into the scene). But the problem is that I want to change the Animation Type (in the FBX Import Settings) of the actual FBX file from Generic to Humanoid. For Avatar Definition, I need to select the setting “Copy From Other Avatar” so I can use the same animations from the old FBX. This cannot be done because the “Armature” GameObject is not found in the old FBX file’s rig. I’ll attach some pictures. Thanks.


did you find a solution?

Deleting the Armature Modifier(s) inside of Blender should get rid of that object @frekons_unity