Blender animation inport problem


I have made a couple models and made some animations to them. I save the file and export as FBX. But I do not get all animations. I only get one animation. And it is called “Default Take”. So I am wondering how I save a specific blender animation. I have searched around but I haven’t found it. So if anyone knows how to save a animation and make a new one, it would be very helpful. I have done like the instructions say, but still I can only make one animation and I can’t save it. All comments are helpful, so if you have some point of view that would be helpful then I would be very happy if your would give a constructive comment.

Make ur animation in animation mode in blender and blender Renderer.
make animation in blender:
Create 50 Frames.
Goto Fram 1.
Goto scene of blender.
Press “i” to instert Frame and select “LocRot” from appeared panel.
Goto Frame 50;
Rotate ur model or move it a little.
Press “i” to instert Frame and select “LocRot” from appeared panel.
save ur blend file as animation.blend over Desktop in windows 7.

play it in blender:
open unity.
create new project.
import ur animation.blend from menu “Assets->import new asset”
it has imported in Project Panel.
drag it from project to Hierarchy panel.
Play ur Game.

blender unity mecanim pipeline tutorial: animations import with actions

For every action you want to export, make sure you checked that “F”, otherwise it will stay unlinked and will not be exported.


I think you should make a script.
Just tell the script to play animation(name of animation) when the input touch something