Blender animation problem with armature

Why is it that sometimes with imported armature animation from Blender, everything looks like its moving fine, but when you select the individual objects in the editor, you can see that they aren’t? See example animation below to see what I mean.

The highlighted “sword” in this animation is not a collider, it’s the transform itself. If I do apply a collider to it, it’s the invisible, highlighted part that it acts on, not the what’s actually seen in the animation.

This doesn’t always happen. Other times everything works just fine and the transforms move along as it appears on screen. It seems completely random to me.

Anyone knows if I’m missing something in Blender?

EDIT: This doesn’t seem to happen when I export as .fbx. Maybe it’s a bug then?


In blender, separate the sword from the arm. Then reexport into unity (it automatically adjusts) and make an empty game object in the sword with a collider in it.